Tier 2 Canada Research Chair – Teaching and Learning at University of the Fraser Valley

Please pass this along to anybody you know that does research in the broad field of teaching and learning and is interested in setting up shop in beautiful British Columbia. I would love to see a strong physics or other science ed researcher get awarded this chair. The competition closes August 3rd.
The meaty bit of the posting (http://www.ufv.ca/es/Careers/Faculty/Re-Post_2011_185.htm):

The successful applicant will hold a doctoral degree (obtained in the last ten years) and will be an outstanding emerging scholar who has demonstrated innovation and a proven ability to cultivate multidisciplinary, collaborative partnerships in local, national, and international research networks. The candidate must possess an original and independent research program in the general area of teaching and learning, the use of new teaching technologies and innovative pedagogical approaches relevant to the post-secondary education level.

The goals of the CRC program (www.chairs-chaires.gc.ca) are to promote leading edge research and the training of highly qualified personnel at universities.

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